Former Uprooting Grief Students Share Their Experience, Strength, and Hope

“I lost my Mother in February of last year.  I waited till November to get help.  I wish I hadn’t waited.  Jennifer has been the biggest help.  I’m not good with my feelings, but she really helped me through it.  This program really works, and Jennifer is a wonderful person.” – Elizabeth H., 2020

“This class was great it helped me a lot.  I feel much better after it.  I was scared at first but Jennifer was very kind and helpful.  I was in a dark place and needed help.  This was what I needed after my lose.  I am happy now and I thinks it’s because the things I learned here.  I am so thankful I found this.” – JT H., 2019

“I was lucky to find Jennifer and Uprooting Grief at an utterly random point in my life. Just after breaking up with an abusive job, and still reeling from the deaths of my parents I reached out and there she was. The seven week course was a lifesaver, literally. Jennifer was always willing to meet with me in my comfort zone, but still handle my freak outside over homework assignments that were breaking my heart. I could always reach her at any time, and she has truly become a friend. I would recommend this course individually or in a group setting. I’m so insanely thankful for the work Jennifer is doing to help those who are grieving, regardless of the cause of the grief. This course will make you a stronger, better, healthier person, and the tools learned are applicable in any walk of life.” – Ami E., 2019

“I had a hard life as do a lot of people. I had a hard time letting thing go from my past. it has been a big blessing to have Jennifer helping me to learn how to deal with grief. I feel like a new person going though this class. she help me get past my dad death and past relationship that did not go to good. the 8 session did more for me then any therapist have done for me in the past 5 years.” – Leland W., 2019

“If you are at all struggling to get through the day, burdened under the weight of your losses, then you have come to the right place! Jennifer walked me through the 8 week course and I learned all the tips and tools to help me complete my grief and move forward. I was able to look past all my guilt and the pain of my mothers death and have been using it to come to terms with current situations. You have done great looking for help now take the next step and reach out to Jennifer to find healing. You won’t regret it!” – Tara R., 2019

“I’ve just recently completed the 8 session grief recovery program with Jennifer H. I quickly learned from Jennifer that grief encompasses far more than just my husband’s recent death and my move across the country. It can be a lifetime of loss which in turn causes us to react to emotional situations in detrimental ways.
She helped me explore this through reading the prescribed book and modeling for me how to examine my life, putting it on paper, sharing and finally getting the tools necessary to overcome the grief. Identifying those aspects of life that keep us repeating poor emotional responses is the first step, getting the tools we need to move on is the next. She and the program she uses have helped me move on, react in a more positive manner and be happy with my life.” – Shelly S., 2019

“Oh Jennifer is such a blessing. I can not put into words the extraordinary value of your her work. Her role of assisting me through my recent loss (and unexpectedly, losses of my past) will never be forgotten. She has patiently worked with me while having a flexible schedule, no judgement, compassion, and kindness. I also love that we could work together in the comfort of my own home.  Every meeting brings up new things that I am emotionally working through. I felt extremely comfortable with her every step of the way. She understands loss and the process of grief, though different for everyone she makes space to understand yours. She helps explore your emotional grief patterns and assists by showing tools that can help you more deeply understand your own needs and responses.  Grief is such a deep challenging emotional ride. It was leading me into a lot of confusion and difficulties in my daily tasks. I waited 6 months after the loss of my mother to even google search grief therapy. I called Jennifer on a whim during a time that I felt most lost and had no belief that I could ever live a “normal” life again after experiencing such a huge loss at my young age. I didn’t know what I was expecting from her work. She called me back right away and there was something in her voice that led me to continue forward and meet with her. Every moment she was around I felt so understood and less burdened. Each meeting became less upsetting and more joyful for me. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. I have regained control of myself and my happiness with just a little helpful understanding from this amazing woman.  On top of everything else, she has given me the gift of being present and understanding to others in my life that may be experiencing challenges of their own. There is a great respect built into me for others and their journey through life’s emotional paths.” – Kristan P., 2019

“Jennifer is authentic and compassionate in assisting people working through past hurts. I took Grief Recovery with Jenn a while ago and it was amazing- l learned things l never knew about how past trauma negatively affects our lives! Get ready to have a huge weight lifted from your shoulders as you find peace and healing. Jenn shared practical tools, as well as insight from her own life. I still have the work from the helpful exercises we conducted in class. I highly recommend participating in Uprooting Grief. She is super kind and knows her stuff!!” – Jen H., 2017

“Congrats to whoever is reading this. Because if you’re anything like me, considering any facet of help is an accomplishment. Personally, I’ve always been hesitant to receive or ask for help. This is due to the overall lack of progress following years of therapy and dredging up my past – only to be left with the pain again and nearly as ill equipped as when I began. I knew full well going into Grief Recovery that I’d have to face a plethora of heartache all over again, which was was terrifying. That being said, swallowing my pride (and prejudice toward “recovery” in general), was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, this is hard work. Be prepared to dig deep. Be ready to learn about yourself and your experiences. Most of all, brace yourself for a genuinely supportive and empathetic environment, and being shown the utmost compassion. I never would’ve imagined that those eight weeks could have such lasting improvements in my memory of all things, but also a renewed and far more relatable understanding of grief itself. I practice what I’ve learned every day, which has benefited every aspect of my life.  Whatever losses bring you here, whether it be the death of loved ones or divorce, just the overwhelming sense of validity and comfort is worth it. Trust doesn’t come easily to me, but was well earned throughout my experience with Grief Recovery and with Jennifer, who without a doubt is destined to change so many more lives like mine. I’m forever grateful and again, can confidently say this was one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.” – Ashley H., 2017

“I was going through a rough part of my life when I joined this program in California. I had a lot of hate and thought I would need years of counseling to get over it. I got over a ton of my problems in a few weeks and the person that was in my group I saw a change in them as well. If you have problems, this course will help you.” – Sean S., 2017

“I took this class with Jennifer and it changed my life. She has taught me more in my life about how to listen to others and be a truly supportive friend than anyone I know. More than just a teacher, or a counselor, she is a cherished friend and mentor to me. Her skills in helping one gain the strength to actually work through the mental muck are deep, grounded, safe, unparalleled. I can’t recommend Grief Recovery enough. Everyone deserves to make this learning a part of their personal philosophy.” – Kat K., 2016

“I took and grief class hosted by Jennifer Hertberg right after I got out of a 10 year relationship. It definitely made those first two months more bearable, and I do believe it was a very wise choice to surround myself with other people who were going through their own grief because it reminded me that I wasn’t alone. I highly recommend her classes! Eye-opening and life-changing.” – Rae L., 2016

“I took the Grief Recovery course back in 2016; it was great. There are some teachings of it which may be slightly different if not contrary to certain things taught in psychology courses (I don’t know; I’m not a psychology major), yet those teachings in the Grief Recovery course are very logical and reasonable, and you might agree with them as well. The course also uses researched, proven, and legitimate material. The course can get emotional, but it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to be too emotional either. Jennifer is one of the most down to earth people ever and knows what she’s teaching.” – Walter P., 2016

“Jenn is an amazing grief recovery leader! She helped me begin to uncover so much of my unresolved grief and pain which led to so much healing that I can’t even begin to explain. Needless to say she’s awesome!” – Karina S., 2016