uprooting griefUprooting Grief offers two confidential, action-based programs designed to teach you how to use The Grief Recovery Method® to complete the pain, isolation, and loneliness of your loss and find joy in your life.

Whether your loss is from:

*Death of a Loved One                 *Divorce                                   *Romantic Breakup
*Abuse                                             *Loss of a Pet                           *Moving / Home Loss
*Loss of Hopes / Dreams              *Career Change                       *Post-Partum Depression
*Health Issues / Injuries               *Unmet Childhood Needs     *Loss of Safety

…or any of the 40+ losses a person can experience in a lifetime, Uprooting Grief can help. We have never seen anyone who committed and gave their whole heart to this Grief Recovery® program not be transformed by it!

Programs include:

7-Week 1-On-1 Grief Recovery Support    8-Week Grief Recovery Support Group Class


Monthly 1-Hour Grief Support Group for private businesses, clubs, societies, etc.
2-Hour Business Workshops
1-Hour Grief Recovery Informational/Open Talks

Programs Presented In English.

HeadshotJennifer Hertberg is a multi-passionate and multi-talented young professional from Las Vegas, Nevada. She found The Grief Recovery Method® in Los Angeles in 2014 after suffering many personal losses including family divorce, sexual abuse, chronic health issues, a life-changing car accident, countless sports injuries, and the breakup of long-term romantic relationships.

The Grief Recovery Method® gave Jennifer such a profound and life-changing transformation that she decided to pursue Grief Recovery Specialist® certification training through The Grief Recovery Institute® in May 2016. Once receiving her certification, she founded Uprooting Grief and began offering The Grief Recovery Method® to her community.

Jennifer received her Bachelor’s in Music from the Musicians Institute in 2013 and is currently pursuing her MBA with a Leadership focus from Southern New Hampshire University.

Jennifer’s Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® profile can be viewed here.


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