Liquid Memories

One of the hardest things to cope with after a loss is a sense of powerlessness over changing our circumstances.  I don’t know about you, but feeling powerless to change what I don’t like is one of my least favorite human experiences!  The emotion found within this powerlessness is fear.  This fear can be crippling, overwhelming, and make it difficult to carry out our day-to-day activities.  Enough fear will send our bodies into fight-or-flight mode, meaning our endocrine systems and adrenal glands are working overtime to protect us from harm, ultimately locking us in a roller-coaster of feeling hyper-stimulated one minute and then experiencing an exhausting adrenaline crash the next.  Fear can be a very powerful emotion!

Now, if you have had numerous big changes or losses happen within a short period of time like I have, there’s a good chance your mind was flooded with what felt like endless thoughts, questions, and fears.  During this challenging time, you may have wished you could have taken all the painful memories and noise out of your head and stored them somewhere else to be dealt with later.  I know I definitely did!  My thoughts and memories manifested in nightmares and made it nearly impossible to focus on anything during the day.  I wrote this next song “Liquid Memories” about these periods of my life.  I couldn’t help but feel like an overheated computer trying to process too much information!  I really hope you like it!

Liquid Memories

If you are feeling like an overworked, overheated computer trying to process too much information, please call (702) 845-9254 and schedule a complimentary Grief Recovery session with me!  You have nothing to lose but the noise in your head and pain in your heart.  Grief Recovery WORKS and has helped over half a million people find happiness and relief after a significant emotional loss.  It WILL work for you too!  You are not too complicated to be helped!

❤ ❤ ❤ Jennifer ❤ ❤ ❤

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