Let It All Go

Some of the greatest grief we can experience is that of watching our loved ones suffer, and this is a grief I am all too familiar with. From watching my family suffer with mental and physical health issues, to watching friends be treated poorly by their family, significant others, or bosses, I ultimately decided that no matter what path in life I took, I wanted to be able to help those I loved cope, recover, and heal from their hardships. There is not a much worse then of being powerless to help the ones you love while they suffer.

In 2007, I met one of my best girl friends, and she and I clicked almost immediately. We became very close, and as I learned more about her, my heart broke for the numerous devastating things she had experienced. When we met, she was living in a terribly dysfunctional situation, having to put up with tons of toxic environments and people in order to make ends meet, and coping with her heartbreaking reality the best way she knew how. It scared me to see her living the way she did, and I wanted nothing more than to help her find peace and happiness.

I wrote this next song about her over ten years ago, but strangely enough, it might as well have been written about myself! I, too, was in a difficult place emotionally and many years away from having healthy coping skills. “Let It All Go” was written to be her story, but ultimately, it has become our story. I really hope you enjoy it!

If you are ready to move forward from the losses and pain in your life, please contact me here to schedule a free class!

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