If you’ve ever been in a serious romantic relationship that didn’t work out, you can probably relate to this next song.  I wrote “Drained” nearly 10 years ago after leaving my ex-fiancé and moving out of our home.  While the breakup was certainly an enormous loss for me, the full extent of the loss began months earlier after I nearly died in a really bad car accident.
After the car accident, the relationship between my ex-fiancé and me changed dramatically.  Before, I was a wild, free, and fun early-20s young lady.  After, I was either in constant pain or doped-up on painkillers and muscle relaxers.  Looking back, I imagine experiencing me change like that was a pretty big loss for him!
Near the end of our relationship, he no longer seemed willing or able to cope with my recovery process.  In all fairness, I could barely cope with my recovery process!  I felt him pull away and begin focusing on what he wanted as opposed to what we wanted, and in return, I worked harder to keep us afloat.  Ultimately, he stopped contributing all together, and that is when I chose to leave.
Unresolved grief can destroy relationships.  Trying to love with a broken, bleeding heart is almost always a recipe for more breaks and bleeding!  I hope you enjoy how I reflected on the grief of my past relationship below in my song “Drained”.  Please share with others if you like the way my heart speaks!
Comments are welcome too! ❤
If you are ready to resolved the grief of your past and make room for greater love and connection in your life, please contact me here to schedule an introductory meeting! ❤

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