Suicide By Internal Combustion

Oh gosh…let’s get real.  You know those people who are just painful to interact with?  The ones who seem to cause nothing but grief and frustration wherever they go?  Yeah, we’ve all known one or two in our lives!  Trying to relate to people like this, can seem like a constant, exhausting uphill battle.  More often than not, we are the ones left in a pile of wreckage once the relationship is over.

In Grief Recovery, we refer to people like this as “less-than-loved ones”.  These are the people who should have been there for us, but weren’t, and when we find ourselves reaching out to them one more time, they are still not there.  Addiction, abuse, divorce, and other estrangements frequently breed “less-than-loved-one” relationships.

This next song of mine is called “Suicide By Internal Combustion”.  It was written to be satirical in nature, so please don’t take it literally!  Ha ha!  I wrote this about a former roommate and friend of mine who drove me absolutely UP. THE. WALL.  There were numerous times I felt like I would just explode with confusion, frustration, and exhaustion!  So naturally, I wrote a song about it.  I hope you can relate to this angry/frustrated side of grief!

Suicide By Internal Combustion
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❤ Jennifer ❤


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