If you’ve ever been in a serious romantic relationship that didn’t work out, you can probably relate to this next song.  I wrote “Drained” nearly 10 years ago after leaving my ex-fiancé and moving out of our home.  While the breakup was certainly an enormous loss for me, the full extent of the loss began months earlier after I nearly died in a really bad car accident.
After the car accident, the relationship between my ex-fiancé and me changed dramatically.  Before, I was a wild, free, and fun early-20s young lady.  After, I was either in constant pain or doped-up on painkillers and muscle relaxers.  Looking back, I imagine experiencing me change like that was a pretty big loss for him!
Near the end of our relationship, he no longer seemed willing or able to cope with my recovery process.  In all fairness, I could barely cope with my recovery process!  I felt him pull away and begin focusing on what he wanted as opposed to what we wanted, and in return, I worked harder to keep us afloat.  Ultimately, he stopped contributing all together, and that is when I chose to leave.
Unresolved grief can destroy relationships.  Trying to love with a broken, bleeding heart is almost always a recipe for more breaks and bleeding!  I hope you enjoy how I reflected on the grief of my past relationship below in my song “Drained”.  Please share with others if you like the way my heart speaks!
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Suicide By Internal Combustion

Oh gosh…let’s get real.  You know those people who are just painful to interact with?  The ones who seem to cause nothing but grief and frustration wherever they go?  Yeah, we’ve all known one or two in our lives!  Trying to relate to people like this, can seem like a constant, exhausting uphill battle.  More often than not, we are the ones left in a pile of wreckage once the relationship is over.

In Grief Recovery, we refer to people like this as “less-than-loved ones”.  These are the people who should have been there for us, but weren’t, and when we find ourselves reaching out to them one more time, they are still not there.  Addiction, abuse, divorce, and other estrangements frequently breed “less-than-loved-one” relationships.

This next song of mine is called “Suicide By Internal Combustion”.  It was written to be satirical in nature, so please don’t take it literally!  Ha ha!  I wrote this about a former roommate and friend of mine who drove me absolutely UP. THE. WALL.  There were numerous times I felt like I would just explode with confusion, frustration, and exhaustion!  So naturally, I wrote a song about it.  I hope you can relate to this angry/frustrated side of grief!

Suicide By Internal Combustion
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Not You

While death and divorce are the most obvious grieving experiences, there are actually over 40 different loss events that can produce feelings of grief.  In fact, for the majority of us, our very first experience is a loss.  Our mothers go into labor, give birth to us, and what do we do?  We cry!  Why?  Because we were just birthed into a big, overwhelming world and it is scary!  Our entire familiar surroundings and behaviors changed in an instant, and now we have to deal with losing the safety and nourishment of our mother’s womb.
Other grieving experiences include moving, marriage, childbirth, injuries, sickness, and bullying.  I wrote my next song right after my 21-year-old brother was diagnosed with Diffuse Large Cell B-Cell Lymphoma in 2011.  I was grieving my brains out, terrified of what the future would bring, heartbroken that he would have to have surgery, a bone marrow biopsy, and chemotherapy at such a young age.  The very real possibility of losing him to cancer ravished my heart.
This song is called “Not You”.  I hope these words of my heart connect with the voice of yours. ❤

Not You

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Paralysis of Analysis

Grief can fill our head questions, questions, questions: “What’s going to happen to me? What do I do now? Why am I feeling this way?!” … and on and on and on. It is also normal to start analyzing every detail of our loss, trying to find some missing piece that will “Ah ha!” us into magically feeling better.  I get it.  I’ve been there!

Unfortunately, these endless questions and in-depth analysis can keep us from healing. Many professionals out there, including myself, call this “the paralysis of analysis”. Well, surprise, surprise! The next song up in the Uprooting Grief lyric queue is “Paralysis of Analysis.” I wrote this around 2011, while I was trying to find my path and purpose and unknowingly carrying around TONS of unresolved grief.

Once again, if you like resonate with these words, please comment or share! We all have to navigate this crazy journey of life, and I have found through my work with grievers that we really do share similar emotions and experiences. Let’s keep the connections going! ❤

Paralysis of Analysis

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