How Do I Hurt?

When I launched Uprooting Grief nearly 3 years ago, I intended to regularly write an informational blog.  Recently, I have been inspired to take a different approach to my blog writing–I will be re-imagining my dream of music and songwriting by sharing some of my songs and lyrics!

In 2013, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a Vocal Performance focus from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.  I worked very hard for years afterward trying to build a career for myself in music.  During that time, I also carried with me tons of unresolved grief and even reached the point of giving up on my music dream altogether.

While I have decided to pursue a different career path at this time in my life, music and singing will always be an important part of me.  Many of the songs I will shared were written in the depths of my grief and personal struggles.  Some have music and melodies attached to them, and others have not yet been turned into songs.

Below I have included my first composition, “How Do I Hurt?”

How Do I Hurt

If you were moved by these lyrics, please comment with your thoughts.  I would love to know how it resonates with you!

Also, if you are ready to complete the pain, isolation, and loneliness you have been feeling after your loss or losses, it would be my honor and joy to walk you through The Grief Recovery Method®.  Click here to get in contact with me about scheduling your first Grief Recovery session.  Healing, relief, and a fuller life are yours for the taking.  You deserve it!

One thought on “How Do I Hurt?

  1. Just beautiful!!! Every word resonates today with me and where I am at in this journey. Wanting so much to stop the pain and feel a sense of peace again. Breathe with ease, and not feel the crushing weight of this grief. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful lyrics. Missy


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