Uprooting Grief Pilot Class

Tonight’s the night!  My first Grief Recovery class begins tonight at 7pm!!!

I am so thankful. I am so hopeful. The anticipation is killing me. A number of my friends have decided to take the class with me, for the sake of gaining these tools, the hope of experiencing some relief and lightness in their lives, and because they love me and want to help me become the best Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® I can be.

This is the best thing ever. We all experience grief, and we all have some unresolved grief. The fact that I get to teach people about what grief REALLY is–one of the LEAST acknowledged and talked about subjects in society–AND empower them with the correct tools to complete their grief, is just ridiculously amazing. I feel so giddy, so fortunate, so full of hope and purpose.

We are our most powerful selves when we are in the present moment. Unresolved grief takes us out of the present and into the past and/or future. How incredible that I get to steward the tools that will give people a greater capacity for love and joy, a greater appreciation and understanding of their fellow man, and more power to make decisions and live the life they truly dream of.

I am going to give this my whole heart and life. It TRANSFORMS lives, and our world needs the enlightenment and tools Grief Recovery has to offer. Gosh! I feel like the most blessed person. I can’t contain my hope and excitement!!!!

#HoustonWeHaveLiftoff  #GriefRecoveryMethod GRM-vertical-color-small-tag

With love,



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