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A problem for many people is that even though grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, the vast majority of what we learn in our society about dealing with loss is not normal, natural, or helpful.  

If the resources available to you have not helped with your grief, it’s not because of what’s wrong with you.  It’s because of a lack of correct information.  If you are visiting this website, it is because of what’s right with you, not what’s wrong.

Whether your loss is from:

*Death of a Loved One   *Divorce   *Romantic Breakup  *Loss of Trust   *Pet Loss     *Moving/Home Loss  *Addiction  *Loss of Hopes and Dreams   *Loss of Faith   *Abuse *Job Loss/Career Change   *Illness or Injury  *Unmet Childhood Needs

…or any of the 30 other loss experiences a person can have in a lifetime, Grief Recovery will teach you how to complete those loss experiences and make room for love, joy, and excitement.

A few questions for you…

-Are you tired of feeling exhausted, disconnected, sick, and/or lost? 

-Do you want your emotional pain to go away and stay away?

-Are you ready to finally DO something about your pain and start feeling better?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, your next step is to click here and schedule a free one-on-one appointment with Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® Jennifer Hertberg.


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